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Piute Canyon West Exit

This camera station has not yet been physically re-occupied because of restricted aceess, but this location has also been found with virtual repeat photography and is also consistent with the pack trails that cross Piute canyon shown on U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps.


Piute Canyon West Exit (1927) -- Photographed by J.J. Hanks
NAU.PH.2005. (item number: 47989)


Synthetic digital image locating this camera site by J.L. Blair and T.C. Hanks.

s4835_1927   ../images/piute_canyon_west.jpg

Additional images near Piute Canyon West Exit
'We ascend the opposing canyon wall and make camp at the top.' 'Clyde and Laurie indulge in a little bread-baking.' 'Nel and Bill obtain clear water from a hallow in the rocks.'