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Saneneheck Rock

Saneneheck Rock is a local landmark of high-standing (6,644 feet; 2,025 m) Navajo sandstone that is visible for miles across the low-relief Kletha Valley. Located south of the community of Shonto and just east of Shonto Wash, Saneneheck Rock sits about halfway between Red Lake Trading Post and Kayenta along the Navajo Trail, now US Route 160.




“Scene near our first camp” (Saneneheck
Rock) (1927) -- Photographed by J.J. Hanks

NAU.PH.2005. (item number: 45204)




North side of Kletha Valley (2005) -- Photographed by R.H. Webb (U.S.G.S.)
Stake# 4825



s4825_1927.jpg   s4825_2005c.jpg

Additional images near Saneneheck Rock

Our first camp. Laurie and Nel preparing supper. 
Our first camp. Laurie and Nel preparing supper.