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Place Query Results: Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico) – 1 - 10 of 1958

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Sound 1: "Dave Foreman": Dave Foreman, the only certified non-felon in attendance, talks about Ed Abbey and wilderness/self-willed land; track 3.6; time 13:11; may contain strong language. [1 item] (2004) - Foreman, Dave
Text 2: "Schematic Map of the Colorado River, Lee's Ferry to North Wash," n.d. [1 item] (1950-1960) - Sprang, Richard W., 1915-
Text 3: "The last year to see unspoiled Glen Canyon," Sunset, April 1962. [4 items] (1962) - Sunset Magazine.
Image 4: '125 lb. canvas boat. Built in one day and carried from Kolb Studio to river by Emery Kolb and John Ivens in three hours on trip to North Rim via Shiva Temple. Oct. 1916 climbed from Shiva Saddle 9:30 a.m. Lunched with Jim Owens, Ambrose Means, Adams, and party 1 p.m. at Jim Owens Cabin, camped at Ribbon Falls 8 p.m same day. Shoes worn out.' [1 item] (1916) - Kolb, Emery Clifford, 1881-1976
Image 5: 'A Difficult Run in Tapeat's Creek Rapid,' 1911. [1 item] (1911) - Kolb, Emery Clifford, 1881-1976
Image 6: 'Blakes Over Throw' [President Harding Rapid], Colorado River, 1923. [1 item] (1923) - Kolb, Emery Clifford, 1881-1976
Image 7: 'Chef Kominsky, helped by Blake and Lint, adds gourmet touch to meals on 1923 U.S. Geological Survey party' ['Powell Centennial Grand Canyon River Guide,' Buzz Belknap, Westwater Books]. [1 item] (1923) - Kolb, Emery Clifford, 1881-1976
Image 8: 'Diabase' dike in Hakatai shale at head of Hance Rapids [1 item] (1937) - Sharp, Robert P.
Image 9: 'Inches from foaming disaster, Jon Hamilton steers a plunging jet boat ['Wee Yellow'] up Vulcan [Lava Falls] Rapids, Grand Canyon's wickedest water. Here the current's maelstrom runs 20 miles an hour' ['Shooting Rapids in Reverse!', by William Belknap, Jr., 'National Geographic,' April, 1962]. [1 item] (1960-1962) - Belknap, Bill, 1920-
Image 10: 'Morning Revealed a Little Snow,' on the Top [looking downstream at Mt. Sinyala; same as 568.5814 and 568.5817]. [1 item] (1911) - Kolb, Emery Clifford, 1881-1976

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