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Text 1: A collection of chapters on Havasupai cultural change [constructed title], ca. 1950. [56 items] (1950-1955) - Whiting, A. F.
Image 2: [A Havasupai Indian rodeo contestant making a calf tie. Judge with flag (on horse) drops it the instance the tie is completed. The action took place at an all-indian rodeo on the Havasupai reservation in the Grand Canyon.] [1 item] (1941) - Belknap, Bill, 1920-
Image 3: A modern style Havasupai Indian house. All materials for structures such as this must be packed down a canyon trail on horses. Sandstone wall behind house rises 300 feet above the canyon floor. [1 item] (1940) - Belknap, Bill, 1920-
Image 4: A new falls formed by change in the river bed due to the flood. [1 item] () - Knobloch, Madge
Image 5: A small portion of the 'Injun Walkum Trail.' [1 item] (1932) - Knobloch, Madge
Image 6: Acrobatics. [1 item] (1932) - Knobloch, Madge
Text 7: A.F. Whiting's "Getting Enough to Eat" and "A Havasupai Cookbook" [constructed title], 1983. [40 items] (1983) - Whiting, A. F.
Image 8: Alva Jones[with another man.] [1 item] (1938) - Barker, Florence
Image 9: Anita Watahomogi. [1 item] (1932) - Knobloch, Madge
Image 10: Anita Watahomogi helping to care for her baby brother on a Sunday morning. [1 item] (1932) - Knobloch, Madge

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