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Aleson, Harry L.
Aleson, Harry, 1954-1956.
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Northern Arizona University. Cline Library.
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Sprang, Richard W.
Content Summary
Correspondence, authored by Harry Aleson, Richard "Dick" Sprang and Otis "Doc" Marston, regarding past and future river trips and their logics. The search for uranium as well as the theft and retrieval of equipment belonging to Sprang are mentioned.
Dick Sprang came to Sedona, Arizona in May 1946, from Ohio, eager to explore the canyon country of northern Arizona and southern Utah. He remained in Sedona until 1956, hiking the backcountry, taking aerial photographs, and running the Colorado River in Glen Canyon. In 1952, together with Dudy Thomas and Harry Aleson, Sprang founded Canyon Surveys, a series of trips in Glen Canyon designed to map the geology, archeology, and flora and fauna of the soon-to-be dammed region. In 1957, Sprang moved to a ranch in Wayne County, Utah, where he ran cattle and continued exploring the slick rock country of southern Utah. He returned to Arizona (Prescott) in 1973 where he remained until his death in 2000. Sprang's years of research and exploration, writings and drawings earned him a reputation as an expert on the canyon country.
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Sprang, Richard W., 1915-
Marston, Otis R.
Rafting (Sports)--San Juan River (Colo.-Utah)
Rafting (Sports)--Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)
Rafting (Sports)--Glen Canyon (Utah and Ariz.)
Richfield (Utah)
Hanksville (Utah)
Hite (Utah)
Sedona (Ariz.)
Moser, Joe
Thomas, Dudy
Wells, William W.
Robertshaw, William
Clark, Georgie White
Plosser, Joseph
Oak Creek Flying Service
Canyon Surveys
Hite Sheriff's Office

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