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Image 1: Abbott, Kendall, Rigg, Nevills, Wright lining Hermit Rapid 23,000 CFS, 7-20-49 [the "Mexican Hat II"]. [1 item] (1949) - Reilly, P. T. (Plez Talmadge), 1911-1996
Image 2: AK in Dubbie [Deubendorff Rapids] 12,400sec.ft. [CFS] 7-15-53 [1 item] (1953) - Pieroth, Ruth
Image 3: AK in Hermit 13,700 [CFS] 7-14-53 [1 item] (1953) - Pieroth, Ruth
Image 4: Alistair Bleifuss and John Cross II in one of the big rigs below Horn Creek Rapid. [1 item] (1994) - Jackson, Richard
Image 5: Alistair Bleifuss running one of the big rigs through Lava Falls. L to R: Ann Cassidy, Alistair Bleifuss, Kathy Lampros, Roy Webb, Joan Nevills Staveley, Shirley Marston. [1 item] (1994) - Jackson, Richard
Image 6: Amos Burg, Willis Johnson, and Buzz Holmstrom aboard their boats at Lake Mead 7 Nov. 1938 after their Grand Canyon trip. [1 item] (1938) - Belknap, Bill, 1920-
Image 7: Approx Mile 193. Derelict BR [Bureau of Reclamation] boat. Norm [Nevills] 7-28-49 [1 item] (1949) - Reilly, P. T. (Plez Talmadge), 1911-1996
Image 8: Arched Rocks at the Mouth of Whirlpool Canyon [1 item] (1909) - Cogswell, Raymond
Image 9: Arizona - Grand Canyon - Bridge Canyon Dam Site - River Trip - August 8, 1949. [Group inspecting ridge Canyon Dam site: Ben Thompson, Mr. McPhail, George Baggley (Superintendent of Lake Mead National Recreation Area), M.R. Tillotson (Superintindent of Grand Canyon National Park), E.G. Nielson (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Salt Lake), Vaud Larson (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Kingman), and Mike Strauss (Commissioner, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation)]. [1 item] (1949) - Belknap, Bill, 1920-
Image 10: Arizona - Grand Canyon - Jets down [Actually, not jet boats but inboard motorboats]- Marston - 1950 [Ed Hudson in Esmeralda II, Dock Marston in Chris Craft.] [1 item] (1950) - Belknap, Bill, 1920-

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